Tuesday Pop Review- We Need Some Time Away from The Office!

Hello all, and welcome back to Pop Review Tuesday here at the blog.  The Fall season is about a month underway.  As I may have mentioned in a prior post, my wife and I take in very little network programming.  Our television viewing is primarily sports, movies, and a potpourri of cooking/home design/Jersey lowlife stuff.

One of the few shows that we DO watch religiously, however, is The Office.  [SPOILER ALERTS BELOW!].  We are especially tuned in to “Life After Steve Carell,” since the show’s foundation decided to leave the show last year.  After about a five-episode season closing arc centered around who his replacement would be, a windy road that had us flirting with the likes of Will Ferrell, James Spader, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano and Ricky Gervais (reprising his role from the original British version of The Office), we learn early in the first episode that James Spader has become the new omnipresent CEO of the comedy, while Andy Bernard (played by Ed Helms), has taken over as new Regional Manager of the branch. 

While we did know in advance that Andy and other current employees (i.e., Darryl and Dwight) were vying for the position, I think it was a pretty weak move to make a cliffhanger out of it, only to simply promote someone from within when viewers have no expectations of the move having a significant impact on the show.  Also, Andy was known from prior episodes to be one of the weaker sales employees, so it really just makes no sense all around.  To make things even more weird, Spader’s character’s a little too omnipresent for a company with multiple branches, yet I digress.

The season’s gotten off to a rocky start, with some episodes being real downers, such as one where Darryl had to be talked out of quitting when his former buddies in the shipping warehouse jointly won the lottery, as well as another recent episode where we learn that Andy has some daddy issues.  I mean c’mon, let’s just move it to 10 pm and make it an hour if we want to turn it into a drama. 

I would say that The Office has about 2 episodes left before it loses DVR status.  Anyone have another show they would suggest I try?  The only other network show we watch is Modern Family… 

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