Monday Practice Tips for Young Attorneys- Trial Mode, Part 1

Hello all, hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!  Depending on a number of factors, between the firm you are in to an unusual type of case to pure luck, your first trial experience could come at a variety of different moments in your career. 

Today, we will start a series of little tips to help young attorneys deal with trial preparation. 

The first tip is to be prepared to see new versions of whichever partner you will be trying your case with.  The pretty cool character who never seems to sweat may well turn into an impatient and at times downright unfair guy or gal as the days and hours before trial fade away.

The best advice I can give is 1) to assume this will happen; 2) emotionally prepare yourself; and 3) overcome it.  Trial is a pressure-packed atmosphere, but the most intense for the head partner who has the client in one ear, you in the other, reams of documents to be familiar with, and the culmination of one or more years of work on a case in front of them.  Once the battle is over, that person you admire and enjoy working for will be back, and those hard times you dealt with in preparing will bring you closer professionally, much like those fisticuffs you had as a kid with your sibling brought you two closer together. 

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