Belated Tuesday Pop Review- The Millionaires, by Brad Meltzer

TGIF all, and welcome to what I hope will be three posts today at the blog!  We owe the fans a pop review, so I want to discuss a book I just finished — The Millionaires, a 2002 novel by best-selling author and host of The History Channel’s Decoded, Brad Meltzer. 

I should start by mentioning that I have had the pleasure of meeting Brad Meltzer a few times, as he is the brother-in-law of one of my best friends.  Brad’s a helluva guy and funny as hell.  I don’t mention this as a shameless plug, but more to mention that it’s a very interesting dynamic to read a book written by someone you know, as you can see their personality reflected in their work.  The Millionaires is the second Meltzer novel I’ve read and it’s fun to see his dry/quick wit jump off the pages.  The stories aren’t bad either!

Millionaires centers around two brothers, Oliver and Charlie Caruso, eeking out a fair living in the Big Apple at an exclusive bank.  As mentioned early and often, you don’t choose the bank, they choose you.  The brothers, struggling to support not only themselves but also their sick mother, come across a “can’t miss” opportunity to pull off a victimless crime which could set them free for life.  No more rat race, no more bill collectors from their mom’s hospital expenses, no more anything but beach front property. 

As expected, the perfect crime turns out to be too good to be true, and the brothers Caruso quickly find themselves running for their lives while also trying to unravel a mystery.  The story eventually makes its way down to Brad’s hometown of South Florida (mine too) which adds some more fun as I could basically picture all the locations he chooses.

My favorite part of Brad’s work is that he tells stories you can relate to.  In both books I have read, the real main character is not an individual, but really more a relationship we can all relate to, in this case the relationship between two brothers a few years apart.  One responsible, one a little more reckless, but a closeness between them that allows them to communicate without words.  Brad’s also good at using real-life people, places and things, as Disney becomes a central figure in this twisting plot.

I recommend you give this book a try.  It’s a smartly written page-turner.

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3 Comments on “Belated Tuesday Pop Review- The Millionaires, by Brad Meltzer”

  1. Murrell Says:

    Thanks, I’ll be reading it too…

  2. STEVE Says:

    I have a very important message for Brad Meltzer

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