Thursday Poker Blog!- Pot Limit Omaha on Poker After Dark

Welcome back to your favorite part of Thursday — loosening the tie to read up on some poker tips and tales!  Today your committee of one is riding high off a victory in an 11-person slugfest in my poker “home” game last night.  I put home in quotes because last night’s event was played online.  Now yes, I know, online poker in America is gone.  To which I say, not entirely, only paid online poker is banned in the U.S.  Free online poker where money is instead exchanged on the side is still perfectly legal!  If you have a group of friends that cannot always get together for live poker, consider checking out the website, where free online poker can be played, including setting up groups so that you can keep your game restricted to friends only.  A word of warning though — the software has given some of my friends fits, so play a test game or two before “making it interesting.” 

In other news, we have been blogging about the poker game “Omaha” over the last several posts and will continue to do so.  However, with a few days left in the week, I wanted to emphasize that NBC’s late night show “Poker After Dark” has featured, for the first time in 3 years of shows, a pot limit Omaha game instead of No Limit Texas Holdem.  Six of the top poker players in the world sat down with $100,000 of their own money for a high stakes Omaha cash game.  It’s been fascinating to watch (don’t worry, I DVR the shows.  I don’t stay up until 3:05 a.m. watching!).  I have learned a few new things and the game also has reinforced a few of the lessons I already knew. 

First, about the show, I like it, I don’t LOVE it.  My main gripe is that many of the recurring players (they typically rotate in a new cast every week but many players are frequent guests) are such gambling addicts that they often get more wrapped up in their pithy side bets than the poker game itself.  First, it sends a bad message for poker purists who attempt to distinguish poker from gambling.  Second, believe it or not, even the $100,00o buy-ins don’t seem high enough to get these guys’ full attention. 

I have watched the first two shows this week, and I would say that the biggest lesson has been the reinforcement of how weak high pocket pairs are in Omaha (especially if they do not connect into trips on the flop).  Before watching the shows, I already knew that the hands were highly vulnerable and thus are rarely the best hand post flop.  What I didn’t also factor in (but should have) is that they are also the most vulnerable to bluffs, because you can never have too much confidence in just one pair in Omaha.  Thus far in two shows I have seen several players fold the best hand (even post-flop) with an overpair like QQ, KK or AA. 

If you have ever considered taking up Omaha (either before or since reading about it in this blog), I highly recommend DVR’ing the final two shows this week.  It’s a great learning experience!

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