Pop Review- Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

Welcome back all for a Pop Review!  Today we will take a look at the first four episodes of the new season of a show that should go down as a Top Ten sitcom of all time — Curb Your Enthusiam.  As most of you know already, Curb is HBO’s comedy written by and starring Larry David, co-creator and writer for Seinfeld and the real-life inspiration for Seinfeld’s George Costanza character. 

Curb, true to its Seinfeld routes, is basically another show about nothing, with legendary curmudgeon Larry David engaging friends and total strangers in his observations about life’s everyday situations.  Though usually backed by some brand of logic, Larry is often the villain as he is never afraid to engage total strangers in a fracas over a minor faux pas or slight.  In true HBO fashion, we are usually treated to full 30-minute commercial-free episodes, but only about 12 of them per season.  On top of that, mega-millionaire David seems to teeter on the brink of ending the show each season Brett Favre-style, so we never seem to know when the show will cease to exist. 

Each season a new show “arc” emerges.  For example, other past seasons have included Larry partnering with some other B-list celebrities to open a new restaurant in Los Angeles, another season revolved around Larry attempting to pitch a new sitcom to various networks with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and last season involved the writing and shooting of a Seinfeld reunion show.  This season’s arc was late to emerge, but at the end of the season’s fourth show we see Larry flying to New York with best friend Jeff and his wife Susie, Larry’s arch nemesis, another hint that this may be the final season as Larry returns to his New York roots. 

What amazes me about the show is how each new “life situation” that Larry encounters seems as fresh and familiar as those he commented on in Season 1.  Unlike Seinfeld, which had to continue to stretch reality, particularly with some of the silly situations that Kramer and Costanza encountered, Curb has stayed relatively true to its simple formula.  For example, some of the minor situations Larry has faced this year was a pair of women weeping and consoling each other at the grocery store right in front of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream section while Larry impatiently awaited an opportunity to grab a pint of “Chubby Hubby.”  Another situation involved Larry identifying and thwarting an attempted “chat n’ cut,” where someone tries to cut in line by finding someone they barely know ahead in line.  We laugh at the show because we can identify the situations we see and Larry says the things we want to say and can’t. 

If you are a stranger to the show, I recommend buying seasons online and starting from the beginning.  You will find yourself ripping through whole seasons within days. 

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2 Comments on “Pop Review- Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8”

  1. Paul Knepper Says:

    You’re exactly right, Curb has stayed funny and relevant because it has stuck to its simple formula. Larry David is simply a comedic genius. The Palestinian Chicken episode was hilarious, a classic Curb.

  2. Murrell Says:

    I also agree the Palestinian Chicken episode was hilarious and one of my favs

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