Thursday Poker Blog! Omaha Ain’t Just Another City You’ve Never Been To

Hello all, welcome to your Thursday Poker Blog!  With another crappy performance in my Wednesday home game under my belt, and absolutely nothing encouraging happening on poker’s legal front, it seems like a good time to shift gears!

For the next several weeks, unless something else poker-related inspires me, I will be posting some news and tips about Omaha, another version of poker (actually 2 versions if you separately count Omaha Hi-Lo) and probably the second most popular poker game in the world today next to Texas Hold’em.  Unfortunately, too many members if this generation of poker players think poker =’s No Limit Texas Holdem similarly to how Tennesseans think “barbecue” =’s a pan of pulled pork and a cellophane bag of yeast rolls.

No Limit Texas Hold’em is certainly the “Cadillac of Poker” without question, but Omaha is a fun game as well.  Today we will start with just the rules of the game and some fun reasons to take it up. 

With regard to the rules, Omaha is played similarly to hold’em except that each player is dealt 4 cards instead of 2.  There is still a dealer, a small blind, a big blind, and a five-card board of community cards dealt in three stages (Flop, turn and river).  The other key difference is that, unlike Hold’em where a player is unrestricted in making his best five-card hand among his two cards and the 5 community cards (i.e., if there are five hearts on the board and the player has no hearts, he still has a flush), IN OMAHA A PLAYER MUST USE EXACTLY TWO OF HIS HOLE CARDS.  This rule makes a world of difference and surprisingly, can even confuse seasoned players about what his or her best hand is. 

Now, before we get started with some tips in later entries, here is a top ten list of serious (and not so serious) reasons to take up Omaha:

10) A higher pct. of Omaha players really have no idea what they are doing, meaning if you’re good you’ll make more $$$

9) When has being diversified ever been a bad thing?

8) Remember how much fun Hold ’em was when it was new to you?  In the words of Vince Vaughan in Old School, now wouldn’t you want those good times to be repeated?

7) Phil Hellmuth is the ultimate one-trick pony –  All 11 of his World Series of Poker bracelets are in texas hold’em.  Seriously, you want anything in common with that jerk? 

6) Playing Omaha will help re-inforce lessons that you can apply to your Hold’em game.

5)  Unlike the Counting Crows song of the same name, the poker game “Omaha” will not put you to sleep.

4)  Being skillful in lesser known games gives you a certain street cred among other poker players (so you’ll have that going for you, which is nice)

3) Because you’ve always wanted to have pocket aces and pocket kings…. at the same time!

2) (or better yet)…  You’ve always known that pocket aces are overrated and now you have the game to prove it!

1)  Cause I’ve earned your trust by now!!


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