Tuesday Pop Review- 9th Judgment by Maxine Paetro and James Patterson (sorta)

Welcome to your Tuesday Pop Review!  I’m back with a book review faster than normal, mostly because this Women’s Murder Club series is basically breezy Jackie Collins-like drivel at this point!

In truth, this book was better than the past few installments.  After a silly Cinemax’esque start, a legitimately interesting pair of murder cases evolved.  On one hand, a famous movie star suddenly murdered his wife in what appeared to be a collaborative effort with an emerging cat burglar.  On another arc, an Iraqi war vet gone crazy was senselessly murdering women and children, with an apparent plan to wipe out his own family as his own sick grand finale. 

  The series is less a string of mystery tales as it is a study in homicide detective work, as we are typically told early who the bad guys are.  For awhile, this installment got back to some solid writing about the process of solving crime.  Again though, we saw very little of the four women working together, which was the hallmark of the early books in the series. 

Also, while the chase was interesting for awhile, the endings for both criminals were way too sudden. 

As usual, I cannot endorse this series as great literature, but rather just a breezy read to give the mind a little break between more dense novels.

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