Belated Monday Practice Tip- Legal Research Part 1

Hello all, and again my apologies for my recently tardy ways.  I want to start a series on this Monday blog about a task that dominates the lives of many young attorneys — legal research.  For whatever reason, it’s been determined that the one thing a new attorney is immediately ready for is research, and most of you get mountains of it!

Over the next few posts I will provide a few tips on effectively doing your research assignments, presumably on Westlaw.  Here are the first few tips…

1) Ditch the natural language search.  The next time I get anything useful from a natural language search will be my first.  It’s honestly the island of desperate souls when it comes to legal research!

2) Don’t be afraid of the books!  Books are considered relics when it comes to legal research these days, but they shouldn’t be.  If your firm still maintains a law library, get familiar with what it has to offer.  Westlaw is extremely non-user friendly for some things, particularly long and windy federal statutes.  I would kill to have our set of the US Code back sometimes. 

We will have several more research tips in the coming weeks….

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