Monday Practice Tips for Young Lawyers- Marketing Tips Part 5- Social Media- A Great (First) Step

Hi all, and welcome to the blog’s second installment of the day, as we seem to be back on schedule 🙂

Today we continue with marketing tips.  I usually start this process by seeing where I left off last week.  Of course, last week I began by touting how great a weekend it was for the Miami Heat.  Little did I know that it was the final victory of the season to celebrate!!

Anyways, so far we have discussed setting a networking mindset early in your career, sticking to networking tools you are passionate about, and focusing your efforts on 1-2 areas rather than being an absentee member in a dozen organizations. 

Today, we discuss social media.  I am not a social media guru, though I am working at it.  The theme here is that the internet’s an amazing but limited resource.  We have instant access to millions of people through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  LinkedIn is my site of choice in terms of meeting new people (not just in the legal field either) and also helping to promote this blog.  On a given day I typically add 3-4 contacts through alumni groups, organizational groups or practice area groups.  I also make sure to initiate contact with at least one new contact per day.  I can do this from home or the office in mere minutes. 

However, despite the access that these sites provide, you will rarely get hired directly or have business referred to you over a handful of witty e-mails.  Eventually you must graduate to in-person meetings.

I’m reminded of an old Delta Airlines commercial from about 20 years ago where the company CEO tells his troops about a client who just fired the company, saying that he didn’t feel like the company knew him anymore.  Then he immediately starting passing around plane tickets to his entire staff, ordering them to go out and visit each and every client.  Eventually, you gotta put your shoes and socks on, knot up a tie and look someone face-to-face. 

Now, as young attorneys, I agree that your firm will probably not pay for you to fly to Atlanta to march into the Coca-Cola CEO’s office to pitch your practice.  We like to keep it practical here!  But, when it comes to potential local contacts, there is no reason after a few friendly e-mails not to invite these folks out to lunch.  Tell them there’s no agenda (cause there really isn’t one) and go out and meet someone. 

If you enjoy this topic, my law partner Frank Ramos has a daily blog devoted exclusively to practice tips.  You can find it at

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