Monday Practice Tips for Young Lawyers- Marketing Tips Part 3: Quality over Quantity

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I know us Miami Heat fans did!  Over the past few weeks on the Monday practice tips blog, we have been doling out some marketing tips for young lawyers.  In week one we discussed establishing a mindset early on in your career.  Last week we focused on restricting your efforts to things you’re passionate about. 

This week, we narrow the spectrum just a bit farther by stressing quality of quantity.  Quality over quantity has nothing to do with diminishing your efforts, but rather emphasizes focusing your efforts in 2-3 areas rather than 8-10.  Legal organizations are the prime example for this lesson.  There are hundreds of organizations out there.  There are local bar associations, state bar associations, national bar associations, global bar associations, organizations based on gender, race, national origin, practice areas, political views, and so on. 

My message here is — don’t join 11 organizations!  Rather, join 1-2 and make an impact!  Work your butt off and get into leadership.  Being a nobody in 10-12 different organizations does nothing for you except make your law firm website profile lengthier.  You are not doing anything to distinguish yourself among the other members of those organizations (all potential referral sources) or the occasional potential client who attends their seminars.  Also, don’t forget that all of these organizations require annual dues, meaning not only are you not producing, but your efforts are expensive!

Instead, you should be focusing on 1-2 organizations, and looking to stand out.  Volunteer for the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do.  The ones that require speaking, organizing events, writing articles or doing the grueling research projects.  That’s how you turn heads, not by having a three-page resume full of bar associations you never think about. 

By the way, if you enjoy these Monday practice tips, my law partner Frank Ramos has a daily blog dedicated exclusively to this topic.  You can find it at


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One Comment on “Monday Practice Tips for Young Lawyers- Marketing Tips Part 3: Quality over Quantity”

  1. Big professional payoffs come from activities that play to our natural talents. And, this is especially true when it comes to business development and marketing.

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