Belated Monday Practice Tips for Young Lawyers- Networking Part 2

[As I mentioned in my other post today, sorry about going a little out of order on you!  I am catching up on the material I have owed you since Friday!]

Hello all, and hope you had a great long weekend!  Last week, we started to set a mindset in you younger folks about the importance of networking from an early part of your career, the reason being that genuine relationships take years, not months, to foster.  Today, we will start to talk a little bit about putting that mindset to work.

First off, networking comes in a lot of forms.  There are legal associations, charities, government organizations, and non-legal professional groups.  There are also one-off networking events, social networking sites, and miscellaneous tools such as this blog. 

My first tip for you is to focus your efforts on types of networking events you are passionate about.  For instance, I really enjoy fundraising for charity, writing this blog, and reaching out to new connections on LinkedIn, a social networking site geared toward business networking.  On the other hand, there are few things I enjoy less than stuffy cocktail receptions on Wednesday nights where I put on a suit, hoof it in 90 degree plus 95% humidity weather to some catering hall to schmooze for 90 minutes.  Some people really love this stuff — not me.  And, my poker skills aside (read the blog on Thursdays!), I’m sure it’s easy to tell that I’m not enjoying myself at these events.  Hence, it’s ineffective networking and in my view, a waste of time and money.  So, stick to a small arsenal of networking activities that you really care about. 

I will be back with another networking tip next week!

If you enjoy this topic area, my law partner Frank Ramos also has a daily blog which is devoted entirely to practice tips for young lawyers.  You can find it at

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