Tuesday Pop Review!- Thor

This past Friday, I went with my lovely wiiiiiiiiiife and one of my best buds to see the new release Thor in 3-D.  This was my first movie excursion since The Dark Knight, so this tells you two things — I don’t make it to the movie theatres much, and I have pristine taste in films 😉  This was also my first 3-D movie experience.  I was impressed with how the 3-D glasses fit quite comfortably over my normal glasses, yet I digress…

This movie overcame a few hurdles for me.  One, I really am not into the new wave of effects-driven movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m floored by how a film team can start with a blank canvass and create the scenes that they do.  I just find that with the emphasis on effects, the movie quality typically drops.  There are exceptions such as the aforementioned Dark Knight, but most effects movies lose me pretty quickly.  I am also usually not drawn in by movies involving other mystery worlds where everyone has a goofy name you can’t spell. 

With all these obstacles, I still really enjoyed Thor.  I don’t care to spoil all the fun for ya, but the main backdrop of the movie is that Thor is the son of King Odin of Asgard (see, you’re rolling your eyes already right?), which exists in a “realm” separate from Earth (Asgard and Earth are two of nine realms).  Thor has a sweet set of gangsta friends and his younger brother Loki, who appear to be the baddest set of warriors that Asgard has to offer.  After a showing of hyper-aggression by Thor disturbs Asgard’s diplomatic relations with another realm, Odin strips Thor of his power and exiles him to Earth, where he meets the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman…. errrr …. I mean her character, Jane.  Meanwhile, back at Asgard, Loki appears to be the new heir to the throne. 

A few other notes:

-The movie does a good job of flipping back and forth between Earth and Asgard in a way where you never get bored with the storyline.

-A U.S. agency investigates the seismic event that occurred with Thor’s arrival.  The lead agent looked familiar, then I realized it was a recurring character from Ironman.  (Marvel comics, hello?  Winning!)

-Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth, a dude I have never seen before, yet who immediately entered my wife’s pantheon of “Actors for whom I would leave Craig for at the drop of a hat.”  Daniel Craig and Ryan Reynolds apparently took the news well.

-Apparently there is a revealing scene after the credits (which we did not stay for unfortunately).  I suggest you stick around til the lights go on in the theatre.

Have a great evening, all!

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One Comment on “Tuesday Pop Review!- Thor”

  1. K O'Malley Says:

    Someone needs to look at a wiki about the Avengers. Which, if they ever manage make, will be a pretty awesome flick in itself

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