We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!

After a two-week hiatus to go get hitched and some fun in the sun, the blog is back!!  Thank you for your patience and for returning.  I promise not to leave you hanging again for this long anytime soon!!

As you may recall, Thursday is normally a fun day at the blog to discuss my favorite hobby — poker.  Among the amazingly generous gifts I got for my wedding was one booby prize from the U.S. Government — indictments against the three largest online poker sites (Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, & Absolute Poker).  The government has determined that continued operations of online poker sites violates the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, a last-minute throw-in provision to the wholly unrelated SAFE Port Act. 

Needless to say this is a disappointing development.  While poker advocating lobbyists still fight for an exemption to the Act for poker playing (as opposed to true online gambling tools such as offshore sportsbooks and casinos), for now players either have to find local games or lower profile online sites to quench their thirst for poker drama. 

IUGEA supporters have advocated the need to protect Americans from theirselves.  In other words, it is too dangerous to have Americans depositing money into offshore accounts with a click or keystroke.  “Click your mouse and lose your house,” chant some advocates.  As someone who has gambled in casinos in addition to internet poker, I do understand the distinction between the two.  Over the years many have discussed the psychological ease of tossing around casino chips as opposed to peeling off dollar bills.  The difference is that much more stark when it comes to instant depositing with the click of a mouse. 

HOWEVER, an absolute ban as the solution?  C’mon!!  How about some regulation instead?  Tax the sites as they have been begging you to do.  Bring in millions of tax revenues DAILY to help our deteriorating budget situation.  Require players to apply for licenses to play.  Look at our credit scores to see if we are fiscally responsible.  Make us attend a seminar about playing responsibly.  Don’t make a rash and sweeping decision that affects players who responsibly enjoy a skill game!!

We will return to more poker tips next week plus I will keep my fellow poker bloggers updated with more information on this developing story!

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