Tuesday Pop Review- Celebrity Apprentice

[This post contains some spoilers so avoid if you have to!] 

Welcome back to Pop Review Tuesday at the blog!  I have noticed that this Tuesday section has experienced the most evolution among my topics, which makes sense because the term “pop” is so broad.  It also makes sense because I realized that I never go to the movies anymore, so it was time to expand the topic!

Celebrity Apprentice is one of three shows my fiancee (bride to be this weekend!!) and me keep up with regularly.  It used to be four shows until “24” ended its run.  We also watch The Office and Modern Family.  Otherwise, we’re not big TV fans aside from sports.  There is something about Celebrity Apprentice that keeps us entertained — either the way it’s smartly produced, the reality show/competition element to it, the charitable causes, and… oh yes, cranky B-minus-list celebrities having to do real work!

As always, the roster includes 16 celebrities, 8 men and 8 women.  The men this year were Richard Hatch (original Survivor champion), Jose Canseco, David Cassidy, Lil’ Jon, John Rich (of country music group Big & Rich), Meat Loaf, Gary Busey and Mark McGrath (formerly of “Sugar Ray”).  The women’s team included Marlee Matlin, Star Jones, LaToya Jackson, Nene Leakes (formerly of a Real Housewives season- I think Atlanta), Dionne Warwick, Hope Dvoracek (2010 Playmate of the Year), Lisa Rinna and Nikki Taylor. 

When I first heard about those rosters, here were my thoughts:  1) Who the hell is Nene Leakes?; 2) Dionne Warwick is still alive?  Good for her!; 3) If you told Mark McGrath he would be doing this show ten years ago would he have even gotten nervous about his career’s future downfall or would he have just laughed you off?  I wasn’t really excited about it, but wanted to at least give it a shot. 

Well, I shoulda just trusted my boy Mark Burnett all along.  It’s been another great season.  The show is 6 weeks in, the women have 5 players lef to the men’s 4 (Jose Canseco bailed due to a medical issue with his dad).  It continues to be must-see TV.  The women took about 1o seconds to get catty with each other (except for Marlee Matlin who has stayed extremely classy throughout).  Gary Busey is driving his entire team insane, literally speaking in the case of Meat Loaf (Meat Loaf’s profanity-laced diatribe over an alleged stolen bag of paint supplies went viral instantly).  Richard Hatch continues to co-exist as a total jerk yet an impressive speaker.  Plus over $1.5M has been raised for charity.

Right now the  remaining 9 are Lil’ Jon, Meatloaf, John Rich, Gary Busey, LaToya Jackson, Hope Dvoracek, Star Jones, Marlee Matlin and Nene Leakes.  The women have won two straight tasks yet totally hate each other.  The men are a tight group except for Busey, who not only drives them all nuts, but also has proven to either be delusional, have short-term memory loss, is a pathological liar, or the combination of the three.  I am predicting a John Rich/Marlee Matlin final, with Lil’ Jon a strong dark horse candidate. 

Though thoroughly entertaining, the show does have its flaws:

-Trump has a bad habit for interpreting loud-mouthed idiocy as “tenacity.”  He’s been doing it for years.  Joan Rivers’ 2009 victory was a travesty.  People who show up for the boardroom ready to interrupt and yell are considered “fighters,” while those who stay composed and speak in turn are considered “weak.” 

-They should use their technological capabilities to catch people in a lie.  As mentioned earlier, Busey simply lies through his teeth in the board room (or does not remember doing what he denies doing).  It would be great to either see him get caught in a lie or to see him freak out when he realizes he did something he forgot about.  I know they cut up the show like crazy after the fact but they do have the footage to use in the boardroom.  Plus, for no reason Trump has to make he said/she said calls when the evidence is at their fingertips.

If you have not seen the show this year, I would try to check out the previous episodes online or On Demand and get on board!!

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6 Comments on “Tuesday Pop Review- Celebrity Apprentice”

  1. K O'Malley Says:

    I think the women did themselves no favors by ditching some of their strongest candidates early.

    Hope is a total zero as far as contribution, and Letoya is a negative. How Hope made it through the Australian Gold challenge without getting into some state of undress is a travesty unseen in reality TV since the producer stopped the plane in The Amazing Race to let a team on.

    Busey should have gone this week… i know he keeps the show interesting, but the man was PITCHING HIMSELF FOR A JOB during a charity event.

    Star Jones has a great shot to be there in the end, but i do like Marlee’s shot.

    Lil Jon i think is very underrated. His background gives him such a diverse skill set.

    Still i expect this week they will mix the teams up, and give us a Star Jones/Marlee final 2 despite the strength of the two Johns.

    • Craig Salner Says:

      Great stuff, Kev!! Although aside from Nikki Taylor, I can’t agree that either Lisa Rinna or Dionne Warwick were strong players. I think Star Jones is capable of dominating this, but I’m optimistic that Trump somehow realizes her conniving ways. She is thinking about the boardroom at all times and I find it annoying. Canseco was such a zero and I was looking forward to seeing him get fired on the merits, sorry to hear about his dad though.

  2. K O'Malley Says:

    I think Nikki would have gone a long way, and despite her issues with Star, i think Lisa Rinna was also a decent player. You could give her a task and she could do it…. certainly more valuable than Hope or Latoya. It does seem like you can get pretty far by just keeping your head down and doing nothing, I mean we are past the halfway point.

    Star is going to be a very tough out… she has the perfect background to survive the board room, and at least 4 people she can easily throw under the bus. She only goes out if shes a Project Manager and makes a horrible mistake. I also think she can fund raise with anyone there, being the host of the view in new york means she has a massive contact list and tons of local talent.

    Would have been fun to watch Jose get the cobra jab…. assuming it was Jose who showed up and not his twin brother!

    • Craig Salner Says:

      It’s another flaw in the show that Trump tends to focus too much on who contributed most to an individual task defeat as opposed to looking at the body of work. But I suppose it would dilute the importance of a project manager if they did it another way. Btw I will be out of town for a few weeks so I will have to DVR the next few so please no spoilers :-p

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