Tuesday Pop Review- Fado Irish Pub

On Tuesdays of course I review a recent book I have read, show or movie I have seen or, like today, a restaurant I have recently tried.

Today, I discuss a recent addition to the Mary Brickell Village, Fado Irish Pub.  As someone who lives and works in the Brickell area, the Village has been a godsend.  Fado is the latest gift.

Normally when diners discuss their favorite ethnic foods, Irish fare is not discussed.  I recall an episode where late night comic Conan O’Brien mocked his heritage’s cuisine, stating that the secret to traditional Irish cooking is to boil the food until there isn’t a speck of flavor remaining.

Fado missed the memo on this unfair stereotype.  A new hotspot for lunch, happy hour and dinner, I have had five dishes at Fado, one more delicious than the next.  First, as you want from any ethnic restaurant, you want it not only to serve traditional dishes, but to knock them out of the park.  I have had the Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and the Bangers and Mash thus far.  Each was outstanding.  I also have enjoyed their Pulled Lamb French Dip sandwich. 

As you would imagine, the pub has a welcoming laid back atmosphere, perfect for a casual but comfortable night out.  The best “hops and barley” also are on display at Fado, with favorites such as Smithwicks, Bass and Harp on tap. 

For Miami, Fado also offers a great value.  A couple having dinner, a pint and maybe a dessert or appeteizer can expect to get in and out for approximately $60.

Fado has 14 locations nationwide.  I highly recommend it.

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