Tuesday Pop Review- Pubbelly Restaurant

Welcome back to the blog!  On Tuesdays of course I discuss a recent book, restaurant, movie or miscellaneous pop item that I have experienced. 

Today, I will talk about “Pubbelly” a new restaurant on the west end of Miami Beach, around the corner from the well-known “Joe Allen.”  Pubbelly is located at 1418 2oth Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, and has a website located at http://www.pubbelly.com.

We have all said or heard the maxim, usually when discussing barbecue, that the shoddier the appearance of the restaurant, the better the food.  Modern cuisine has evolved that approach to a relatively new concept called “gastropubs,” which are food and beverage establishments that incorporate the feeling and look of a traditional pub or tavern with innovative and chef driven culinary concept.  Pubbelly is a quintessential gastropub.

To be clear, Pubbelly is not dirty or rustic.  Trust me, however, when I say that when you compare the food quality to the ambience, you will be positively shocked.  Pubbelly offers food and presentation that you expect from a Michelin rated restaurant, but with the ambience of a hip bar. 

The food is portioned and priced “tapas style,” meaning dinner patrons can normally expect to be able to eat 2-3 items each.  In my opinion, tapas servings are ideal for parties of 4 or 6, which permit groups to enjoy a taste of almost everything on the menu.  Pubbelly’s fare is mostly Asian-inspired, with tremendous varieties of pork belly, short ribs and noodle dishes.  In my view, the food at Pubbelly compared favorably with another Tapas favorite of mine, Senora Martinez, a Michelle Bernstein restaurant in Miami’s Fashion District. 

Pubbelly’s alcohol selections are limited to beer, wine and sake, but the beer menu is exotic, with tasty microbrews from around the world.

Dinner patrons should expect to spend about $50-$75 per head for food, drinks and tip.  If there are any negatives, I would just say that 1) there are no reservations, so seating on the weekend, especially if you have a large group, is a bear; and 2) as discussed above, Pubbelly is not the place for a romantic evening.  It has the look and feel of a bar.  When you are in the right mood, however, you will enjoy it.  I promise.

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