Belated Thursday Poker Blog

Hello all, and thank you for your patience.  Last week was a heckuva busy week at work, but my apologies for not coming through with my Thursday and Friday posts.  I hope to get to both of them today!

During the first two weeks of poker blogging, I focused mostly on tips related to bankroll management and game selection.  We will return to that area soon, but this blog also was intended to be a forum for sharing some poker stories.

Today we explore the following riddle — How does 13 hours of excellent tournament play only translate into $112 of profit?

That was my experience yesterday.  I played two tournaments on Pokerstars during the course of the day.  Both had fields in excess of 3,300 players.  I made it to the final 50 in both.  I lasted over six hours in both.  I got bad beat out of both (AT lost to A3, and AA lost to TT).  However, I finished outside the top 30 in both, meaning I did not enjoy the fruits of poker’s typically top-heavy payout structure.  I have convinced myself that this was an overall popular experience.  I played extremely well, I came out ahead, and I got close enough to feel the excitement of a possibly major payout.

However, while I thoroughly enjoyed it, this is often the point where I lose the interest of the casual player.  I describe the ability to win thousands of dollars with a small investment.  They like that. I describe the ability to do this from the comfort of their own living room.  They like that.  I describe the competitive thrill of overcoming thousands of other players pursuing the same goal.  They love that.  Then I tell them that sometimes you wind up playing 6 1/2 hours, only to get unlucky and collect a prize in the range of $50-$100 for your troubles.  That’s when I get the “sigh,” the shake of the head, the wave of the hand, or the simple response that multi-table tournament poker is simply not for them.

We live in a society where patience is a diminishing virtue.  The technology that gives us this ability to enjoy this hobby is the same technology that has set unreasonable expectations in us to have what we want immediately.  Many of us also have responsibilities that preclude us from devoting anything close to 5-8 hours at once to a poker game.

There still are other poker games that can appeal to those folks who do not have the time to play the multi-table events.   We will go over the types of games available next week!

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