Tuesday Pop Review- “Divine Justice” by David Baldacci

Good afternoon all, and welcome back to the blog!  Today is pop review Tuesday, where I tell you my impressions from a recent experience seeing a movie, reading a book, dining at a restaurant, or other miscellaneous entertainment.

Today I want to discuss “Divine Justice” by David Baldacci, a fiction novel and the fourth of Baldacci’s “Camel Club” series.  As mentioned in a previous review, I enjoy series’ a great deal.  It is always tricky to review a book late in a series because I do not want to give away secrets you will learn as you plow through these excellent books, but I will discuss the series in general and provide you a few highlights.

The “Camel Club” series involves a group of four middle aged men living in Washington, D.C. whose passion is to pool their collective resources in order to keep a close eye on America’s government.  The leader of the group and protagonist of the series goes by the name of “Oliver Stone,” though we learn quickly that Stone is a mere alias for the character, who in reality has a storied yet controversial military record.  The books involve our unlikely heroes coming face-to-face with terrorists both inside and outside our government.  As the stories progress, Stone’s true identity and history is further revealed. 

Baldacci has quickly become my favorite current writer.  He tells fast-paced yet intelligent stories, is great at developing characters, switches scenes at just the right times and knocks his research out of the park. 

By the time we get to “Divine Justice,” the Camel Club has added a few unofficial members that develop from new friendships cultivated during the series.  Stone’s true identity is virtually outed to both his friends and government agencies, and he lands in a small town in Virginia, where both his past and present come to the surface. 

If you have never read a Camel Club book, I would start with the first installment, “The Camel Club,” and make your way through the entire series, including “The Collectors,” “Stone Cold,” “Divine Justice,” and the newest release, “Hell’s Corner.”  I will be reading the latest installment in the coming months and will review that as well. 

See you tomorrow with my Federal Labor and Employment Law Update!

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One Comment on “Tuesday Pop Review- “Divine Justice” by David Baldacci”

  1. K O'Malley Says:

    Hmm, never heard of this series or author before, i shall have to check it out….

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