Thursday Poker Blog!

Welcome back to my blog!  Thursday of course is the day in which I loosen the tie a little and discuss poker.

Last week, we set the stage to discuss how casual players should review their personality traits, goals and bankroll to choose game(s) that are right for them.  This is not meant to be an entry level poker course so I will assume that my readers know the difference between cash games and tournaments. 

I have had several different approaches to poker over the years as my goals and responsibilities have changed.  Candidly, there was a time period where I really considered a pro poker career to be an inevitability.  My focus has shifted much more to my professional career as an attorney since then.  Based on these changes, I have gone through periods where I regularly would sit down at 2/4 no-limit games, 10/20 limit games, expensive multi-tournament tables ($55 & above), and single-table tournaments (aka “sit-n-go”‘s) for $100 at a time. 

Now is a different story.  I rarely sit in a cash game of any kind except for once in a blue moon.  My main passion is to enter inexpensive multi-table tournaments that usually involve over a 1,000 participants.  These types of tournaments, available daily on the two largest online poker sites, Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars, satisfy all of my current goals — never to be overexposed financially in any given tournament, a potential to defeat a massive field of other players (nectar to any competitive person), and a possibility for a significant payout (depending on the stakes and field size, the winner in tournaments I play typically get anywhere from $3,000-$10,000). 

Next week we will go further into what specific goals should translate into different game types. 

Before I go though, I promised that this blog would contain some occasional poker stories.  This past Saturday morning I was fortunate to finish 3rd out of 930 players in an $11 buyin event, which earned me exactly $1,000!  The event took nearly 6 hours (just to give you a flavor of what you’re getting yourself into!).

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3 Comments on “Thursday Poker Blog!”

  1. nodonk4u Says:

    Interesting read, would love your input on some hands I posted….

  2. nodonk4u Says:

    Thanks for dropping by Craig, and reflecting on pocket rockets. You mention PS and FT…. I just posted a survery. I’d love you to complete my poker survey if you have a minute.

    I personally love the matrix offerings and promotions of FT, but favor support at PS; and my ROI is much better at PS too.

  3. nodonk4u Says:

    Excellent insights on continuation bets Craig over at my blog, thanks. I want to join you at a table sometime. I have a home club, but am guessing you play higher stakes than $6 SNGs. If inclined, I’d love to have you.

    As for tourneys that meet your criteria, the FTP daily dollar is a favorite of mine at 20:15 EST – but your better have the time and a knack for multi-tasking.

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