Thursday Poker Blog!

Welcome to the first edition of my Thursday poker blog!

Why a poker blog?  Poker’s a hobby I’m passionate about.  It’s a skill to which you add each and every time you play.  It’s a test of intellect, patience, and game theory.  It also is a game of sportsmanship and camaraderie.  I know I’m not the only professional who enjoys a good game of poker after work or on the weekend.  This blog is for you folks!

This blog will vary from week to week.  When I have a good one, I may share a poker story.  Mostly though, I will use the blog to give advice to the casual player.  Little tips to enhance your game or shape your approach to the game.

Today, I want to start talking about a highly underrated topic for poker players — bankroll management.  Specifically, using bankroll management to choose game(s) that are right for you.  A few months ago, I went to a Smoothie King for…  wait for it…   a smoothie.  I was wearing a shirt with a logo for Full Tilt Poker, an online poker site I frequent.  The guy behind the counter immediately recognized it and we had a brief chat about poker.  He told me that he once won $1,000 in a tournament and tried to use that to make a go of it as a full time poker player.   I asked him what happened and he said told me he sat down in a 5/10 no-limit game and lost it all.

If I knew him well enough, I would have shaken the man silly.  Five/ten no-limit is a game meant for players with a six-figure bankroll and about $3,000 to play with in any given session.  Of course, his first problem was attempting to launch a career with $1,000.  But sitting down in a 5-10 game was flat out absurd.  While poker is not “gambling” to true poker players over the course of several games, every individual cash game session or tournament will be determined in part by luck, meaning there is an element of gambling to it.  Would you start your poker career by gambling your entire bankroll during a single sit-down?  I hope not!!

Next week we will take a blank canvass and start figuring out the best game for you.  We will discuss cash games vs. tournaments, stakes, goals and appropriate games of choice.


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